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Student Selects - Arkansas Historic Places Film Prize

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The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, the Arkansas Humanities Council and AETN’s own Student Selects program are partnering up to offer young filmmakers in the state even more opportunities to have their work seen by the general public and this time there are even cash prizes! The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program is asking student filmmakers across the state to try their hand at making historical documentaries about some of the fascinating landmarks that can be found across Arkansas. This competition, the Arkansas Historic Places Film Prize, is new this year and is open to high school students from across the state. These films are meant to be historical documentaries, so they need to focus on an historical site of the filmmakers’ choice here in Arkansas.  


The prizes are going to be broken down into five categories based on the geographic regions of Arkansas in which the historical site is located (the Ozarks, the Ouachitas, the Arkansas River Valley, the Timberlands, and the Delta), with $100 being offered to the winners of each category and $200 going to the best overall film of those five. Standard Student Selects rules apply to all entries and can be found here on our website, but in this case we are also asking that all submissions be nonfiction, five to fifteen minutes long, and about a specific historic site in Arkansas that is at least fifty years or older. The winners from the five categories will have their films shown at a screening at Ron Robinson Theater in Little Rock in May and will also be considered for inclusion in next year’s Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.


So, break out the cameras and find your favorite historical site because this is a wonderful opportunity for both new filmmakers and people with a few under their belt already!



AETN Student Selects Arkansas Historic Places Film Prize