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“Sowing Salvation” – Veterans Coming Home

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How do you go from defending the country to everyday civilian life? In week two of the 2018 Veterans Coming Home #WhatWorks initiative, we’re exploring the transition from military service to civilian life with Iraq war veteran Terrell Spencer “Spence.”

Across the Creek Farm

Spence built Across the Creek Farm as a business that later came to double as a training site for fellow veterans struggling with the transition into civilian life. Farming, Spence believes, can help veterans experience community and peace of mind.


Spence was motivated to build the farm during his time as a soldier. In Iraq, he observed a local family of farmers who were growing vegetables in the middle of a war zone. Once he returned home and became haunted by his own memories of war, Spence remembered the peace he once felt upon encountering the Iraqi vegetable farmers. He wondered if farming could have a peaceful effect on him as a civilian.

Renewed Purpose

With his wife expecting their first child, he built Across the Creek Farm to be a new home for their family. Spence claims that the “constructiveness of farming,” works for him to “flush out, the destructiveness of war.”

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