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'Sid the Science Kid' Technology & Engineering week Dec. 5-9

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Join "Sid the Science Kid" every day this week at 12:30 p.m. for Technology & Engineering Week.

Sid and his friends meet all kinds of scientists in a new week of episodes celebrating technology and engineering. Explore computers, investigate flight, and learn how to “engineer a solution” during “Technology & Engineering Week” premiering Dec. 5-9.  My good friend's husband is a Civil Engineer and it's no surprise that their 8-year-old son's brain looks a lot like his. The way he asks questions, the way Dad explains them....all in that particular way engineers have.  (and as this Mommy's doesn't.  I know words...and that's about it.)  Anyone with a kid under 10 knows that the questions don't stop.  And sad to say, 2nd grade math stumps me still sometimes, you can bet 'how does this work Mommy' stumps me worse.  So, if you have a kid that asks questions (is there one that doesn't you ask?) tune in this week to obtain some litany of answers to questions you otherwise wouldn't have.  I'll let you know when the '2nd grade math week' is scheduled....I will clear my calendar and take some notes.

And, visit the "Sid the Science Kid's" website to check out the new "I Want to Be a Scientist" game where Gabriela and her mom, Dr. Cordova, vist the Science Center to learn all about what kinds of scientific tools different scientists use!

If you have kids older than six, (I included myself in this one), check out NOVA on Wednesday nights.  There are some cool ones coming up including "Mystery of the Megavolcano", "What Darwin Never Knew" and "Secrets Beneath the Ice".

To find times and descriptions, visit the AETN program schedule.