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Share Local Civil War History on “The Abolitionists” Board

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"The Abolitionists" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. throughout January, beginning Jan. 8. 

The three-part series, “American Experience: The Abolitionists” has illustrated how abolitionists allies turned a despised fringe movement against chattel slavery into a force that transformed the nation. With in-depth depictions of key members' journeys, the mini-series brought a tumultuous period of American History to life. And what’s more? American Experience is inviting Arkansans to share images, documents and videos related to abolitionism on their interactive, online map!

Four years ago, when PBS began tackling the history of abolitionism, they found they had taken on a huge task: the abolition movement spanned decades, there were numerous leaders, the history was complicated and there was a vast amount of scholarly literature. But, there wasn’t a book that told the abolitionists’ overarching story – and no guide for capturing the courage and struggles of the remarkable civil rights heroes.

To counter that issue, “American Experience” chose to focus on a handful of key characters and create a character-driven mini-series set against the backdrop of a serious struggle in American history.

But, now, to recognize the broad efforts of heroes across the U.S. and highlight the many important stories that couldn’t all be told in the series, “The Abolitionists” has created an interactive, online map for viewers, history buffs, museums and institutions to share the pieces of history they’ve collected.

Visit “The Abolitionists: Map of America” on the “American Experience: The Abolitionists” website to learn more.


“The Abolitionists: Map of America”


“The Abolitionists”