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“Sesame Street” for Military Families — Transitions

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When parents transition, so do kids, and it’s all a new adventure! But, while all adventure stories have a hero, they also have ups and downs. 

The average military child moves about six to nine times between kindergarten and high school, which makes this an especially important subject for our military families. Moving can be stressful for all family members, but children are especially vulnerable to changes in routine and environment.

To help, “Sesame Street” provides helpful resources for caring adults to help their little heroes find the strength to “go with the flow” in this special program and accompanying tool kits.


My Big Adventure Book


With sections about “Staying Strong,” “Talking About It,” “New Faces & Places,” and “We’re a Family” this great activity book helps kids talk through their feelings about leaving home for a big adventure in a new home.


Parent Tips


Covering topics like “Adjusting to Change,” “Feelings and Communication,” “Changes Big & Small” and “Friendships,” the Parent Tips pages share ideas for mitigating kids’ anxieties, strategies for building confidence and addressing issues, and suggest accompanying kids’ activities to apply what you’re learning together. 


Video Library 


Bringing this collection to life is a full video library that ranges from clips with Elmo, Rosita and other Muppet friends to separate sessions with other military families’ kids and parents. Some of the one-on-one sessions with Elmo are specially set up to reach children directly, but you’ll also find some videos made for adults where other active duty and veteran military parents share their store and strategies.


The Big Moving Adventure App


Designed to help families cope with a recent or pending move, The Big Moving Adventure app teaches kids about what to expect when relocating. Specifically created for children ages 2-5, the app lets kids create their own muppet friends and help them through the moving process including: hearing the news, packing, saying goodbye, expressing feelings, traveling, exploring the new home and making new friends.



Could you use a little ongoing support in this journey? Get regular updates when you sign up for The Adventure Campaign, an e-newsletter just for transitioning and veteran military families filled with fun activities and useful tips. You can find it here.

“Sesame Street” for Military Families website has many more resources for your family, covering even more topics like homecomings, deployments, self-expression, injuries and grief. Explore what they have to offer at


“Sesame Street” for Military Families

Transitions - The Big Moving Adventure


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