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Schoolhouse Daily Weekly Round-up – April 3

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We had a great week with Schoolhouse Daily, taking in videos from PBS Digital Studios – like The Art Assignment's "Public Art Trip to NYC – along with fun science and math activities, including instructions on how to build and test a paper bridge!

PBS Digital Studios Videos

“The Art Assignment: Public Art Trip to NYC”

Longing for travel and new experiences? Explore public art in New York City with this video from PBS Digital Studios' "The Art Assignment."

”Space Time: What Planet is Super Mario World?”

How does Mario jump so high? See how gravity affects motion in this video from PBS Digital Studios' "Space Time."

”PBS Infinite Series: How Many People Have the Same Number of Hairs?”

Do two people on the planet have the exact same number of body hairs? How about more than two? See the simple, yet powerful, mathematical principle that can help you find out the answer in this video from PBS Digital Studios’ “Infinite Series.”

” Braincraft: Why Are Some People So Easily Fooled?”

In honor of April 1, also known as April Fools’ Day, learn why some people are more easily influenced in this video from PBS Digital Studios’ “Braincraft.”

What is it Like to Live in Antarctica?

Antarctica is cold, windy, isolated, barren, and often downright dangerous. Yet somehow, people manage to live there. (Some even enjoy it!)


Make Paper Planes That Glide Like a Draco Lizard

Explore the science of gliding with a simple paper airplane experiment from “Wild Kratts”, courtesy of the draco lizard!

Build & Test Paper Bridges

What makes a bridge strong? Investigate by constructing paper bridges and testing their weight limits.

Play a Storytelling Game

Use imagination and practice storytelling by rolling homemade dice to tell a unique story! Take turns telling a complete story by combining the three story pieces in any creative way you can.


What Time is It?

Help your child learn how to tell time with a homemade paper plate clock. It’s a great way to explore the concept of time and what he or she might do in the morning, afternoon or evening.


Create Your Own Board Game

Promote your child to game designer! Create a unique board game to help your child learn a specific skill or task while getting extra practice with times tables.

Advice for Parents

Activities to Release Energy

Physical activity helps keep our bodies healthy, sets up positive long-term habits, supports restful sleep and helps children be prepared to learn. Learn more with PBS KIDS for Parents.

Attitudes to Help Kids Tackle Challenges

When Ruff Ruffman and friends approach a challenge, they bring four key attitudes to their investigations – attitudes that help push through difficulty.

Help Kids Benefit from Their Love of Music

Music and children are inseparable. And, this relationship is so powerful that music can change how children think!

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