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Schoolhouse Daily Weekly Round-up – April 17

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We had an amazing week of Schoolhouse Roundup, filled with fun, adventure, and learning. We delved into the world of sharks and rays with PBS Digital Studios’ “Deep Look”, used science to help us explore textures, make a map of our neighborhood, and track the daily weather. Take a look to see what activities you may have missed this week — there was so much to see and do!



How Sharks & Rays Use Electricity to Find Hidden Prey

When it comes to spotting prey, sharks and rays have a secret sense beyond sight and smell. They can detect the invisible electric fields produced by all living creatures. Learn more in this video from PBS Digital Studios' "Deep Look.”

The Small Problem With Shrinking Ourselves

What would happen if we were actually able to shrink ourselves? Learn more in this video from PBS Digital Studios' "It's Okay to be Smart.”

Does Height Matter in Sports

According to science, what are the reasons that certain sports attract tall or short athletes? The study of allometry investigates how strength scales with height. Learn more in this video from PBS Digital Studios' "Physics Girl.”

Budgeting Basics

Handing out allowances, or have a teen asking for gas money? Share budgeting basics to help get them on the path to financial success. Show them how they can take a cue from George Washington to become commander in chief of their finances in this video from PBS Digital Studios' "Two Cents.”

Can Dungeons and Dragons Make You Confident & Successful?

Rather than being an escape from reality, D&D is actually a way to enhance some important real life skills, including problem solving, visualization, interaction, organization and others. Learn more in this video from PBS Digital Studios' "Idea Channel.”


Ruff and Smooth Scavenger Hunt

How many textures can you find inside or outside of your house? Race the clock or race a friend with this printable scavenger hunt.

Make a Neighborhood Map

Introduce children to mapping and spatial skills, while helping them gain a better understanding of their community.

Track Daily Weather

What is the weather like in your neighborhood? Track the weather in your neighborhood with this "Nature Cat" calendar.


Make a Bookworm Bookmark

Have kids decorate bookworm bookmarks for their favorite books with this free printable!

Put on a Puppet Show

Puppet shows allow children to experiment with storytelling and imagination. Explore the basic elements of storytelling while you craft "Peg + Cat" themed puppets and a theater for your show.


Parenting During Coronavirus

The expectations for being “perfect” during quarantine can add up. The best thing you can do right now? Remember that you are enough. Learn more in this article from PBS KIDS for Parents.

Making the Most Out of Screen Time

If a parent or grown up engages with the media a child is using – even if that parent just holds a conversation with the child about what they watched – the learning gains of that content will be greater. Learn more in this article from PBS KIDS for Parents.

How to Raise a Good Citizen

As parents, we all want to raise good kids, but waht does being a "good kid" actually mean? Learn more in this article from PBS KIDS for Parents.

7 Ways for Kids to Learn Empathy Through Acting

The ability to understand emotions can positively affect self-esteem, personal relationships and overall happiness, to name just a few. And, because dramatic arts like acting are all about recreating emotions, they’re an ideal way to help kids pump up these skills.

How Kitchen Math Skills Support Kids’ Number Sense

If we want kids to think like mathematicians, we need to take math off the page and into the real world. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by math. Learn more in this article from PBS KIDS for Parents.

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