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Red Ribbon Week 2020 - Strengthening Communities and Support Systems

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The 2020 Red Ribbon Week theme is “Be happy. Be brave. Be drug free,” and we’re proud to help amplify this message for children, families and communities.

In partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, we’re marking Red Ribbon Week 2020 by sharing resources from the Arkansas Drug Director, Little Rock FBI office, Arkansas Department of Health and more, along with a special series of public service announcements to help fight the opioid crisis.

On top of the importance of beginning to create addiction awareness and education at a young age, these resources focus on helping all Arkansas communities to create strong and positive support systems fo people struggling with addiction.

First-hand Perspectives

The toll that opioids have taken on The Natural States has been unbearably high, especially for those who have lost their loved ones and those who treat people struggling with addiction every day.

In PSAs “What Does Loss Look Like?” and “What Does Help Look Like?,” we offer first-hand interviews with community member Cynthia Edwards — who lost her son to addiction — and Dr. Johnathan Goree — UAMS chronic pain specialist — who shares details about the help available through UAMS that might prevent a similar loss in the future.

Reporting and Recovery

To provide support for those struggling with opioid addiction or who may need help in an emergency, we’re also highlighting the importance and effectiveness of Arkansas’s statewide “Good Samaritan Law” and the Arkansas Opioid Peer Recovery Network.

Fighting to End the Opioid Crisis

This year's Red Ribbon Week also includes a statewide, same-day viewing of "Chasing the Dragon" in partnership with the Little Rock FBI, DESE, Arkansas Department of Health and other state and local organizations fighting to end the opioid addiction crisis. Arkansas schools can sign up to participate here.

These ideas are expanded and taken to a local level in a special edition of “Arkansas Week” with  DEA Little Rock Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Justin King, FBI Little Rock Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Scott Reinhardt, Arkansas Drug Director Kirk Lane and Dr. Jonathan Goree of UAMS. Watch the episode on-demand to better understand opioid crisis in the state and the special measures Arkansas government and health care experts are taking to tackle the growing concern during the time of COVID-19.


Red Ribbon Week 2020