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Q & A Friday: Your Questions - Answered!

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So what are we talking about this week? You asked us about documentary ideas, John Philpot & Phyllis Speer's plans and why you might be hearing program voice over descriptions on our broadcasts. These are great questions - and we're glad to provide you with answers!

First up is a question from Jack R.:


"How about a documentary on Conway's historical roots?"


At the moment, we don't have any plans to create a documentary focusing on Conway's history, but it's always a possibility in the future! 

At the moment, we've just wrapped up "Bayou Bartholomew" and are now deep in production of "Champion Trees," a documentary about the majestic giant trees of Arkansas and their preservation. (Check out what producer Mark Wilcken and production assistant Kyle Waldrup have to say about the film in our other blog entries.) 

We've also begun work on a project surrounding Little Rock's historic Dreamland Ballroom, so our plates are currently a bit full. But, when we took your question over to production, we all agreed that our local history is an incredibly interesting topic that may well be worth exploration in the future. Should any developments occur, we'll be sure to let you know!


And, while we're visiting AETN productions, Kenneth and Jodi had this question for us:


"Is there any chance that Phyllis Speers and John Philpot will be making any more new AETN shows together?"


Well, we've learned to never say never to anything before, but as of now, John and Phyllis are greatly enjoying their retirement! (And we're getting a little jealous hearing about all of Phyllis' amazing turkey hunting trips.) While we're truly excited to collaborate with them on the newly remastered series "Cooking on the Wild Side" featuring Phyllis' classic cooking tips, we don't currently have any plans to create a new series with our favorite outdoor aficionados.


And, last but not least, what might you do if you, like our friend Katie C., suddenly have voice over descriptions of some of our programs and no sound on others?


"Starting just the other day, I started getting these weird, detailed voiceover descriptions of what's happening in certain AETN shows but, on other programs, I don't have sound any more. Why?"


Problems can vary, but if we were betting people, we'd guess that Katie's sound settings have been altered - either by a power surge resetting her TV or by someone accidentally bumping the remote or buttons on her set. 

What we believe she's hearing are Descriptive Video Services (DVS) in our audio programming stream, which some programs provide for our visually impaired listeners. 

While all TV sets are different, on most you should be able to access your audio settings under "Main Menu" and make sure that the "Stereo" or "Main Audio" option is selected. Of course, if that's not helpful, we're always happy to help our viewers troubleshoot for solutions specific to their TV sets. Feel free to email us at so that we can help you set up a phone call with our Viewers Service Department or one of our engineers.



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