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Plan a Family Movie Night In With AETN PBS KIDS

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Reserve the best seats in the house, grab the popcorn and gather the whole family! AETN PBS KIDS Family Night specials are coming to AETN-3 every Friday!

This family-friendly programming block will showcase movie specials or themed programming every Friday from 6-8 p.m. on  the AETN PBS KIDS channel (AETN-3). You and your littles (and even the “big kids”) can look forward to features with your PBS KIDS’ favorites including “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” < a href=>“Sesame Street” and more! (And if you can’t watch on Friday, don’t worry. Family Night programs repeat on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6-8.)

Family Night specials in May include:

“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tiger Family Trip,” May 12-14.

In a new one-hour special, the Tiger family heads out on a road trip to Grandpere’s. At first, Daniel doesn’t know what to expect on the ride, but with a helpful map from Mom Tiger, Daniel learns that there are so many exciting things to do and see when you’re on a trip with your family.

“The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Space!”, May 19-21.

The Cat in the Hat takes viewers on a cosmic adventure through the solar system to assist with Operation Rover Repair in this one-hour movie event.

“Sesame Street: The Cookie Thief,” May 26-28.

This nail-biting, cookie-munching thriller celebrates the arts and delights Cookie Monster fans of all ages. A cookie art museum has just opened on Sesame Street. Surrounded by beautiful cookie paintings, such as "Girl with the Cookie Earring" and the "Muncha Lisa," Cookie Monster and his friends feel as though they're in a whole new world. But, when art suddenly starts to disappear, Cookie Monster quickly becomes a suspect. Can he clear his name? Will they find the missing art in time, or will Cookie Monster be banished from the museum forever?

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