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PBS Students App - Free Resources at the Tap of a Finger!

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Looking for a safe, trusted online app for your kids with content that can help them with their homework … or help them learn something new? PBS LearningMedia — the media-on-demand service designed for K-12 classrooms — has created the official PBS Students app to complement the PBS LearningMedia Student portal.

This free app for iPad creates a safe, trusted destination for students and provides the ideal platform to watch and learn with videos, games and images from PBS and PBS KIDS content. Your children can now access resources from “NOVA,” “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and the Ken Burns collection anytime, anywhere.” Specifically designed for students in grades K-12, the app provides access to thousands of resources covering all subject areas — from math and science to English and social studies!

So what other benefits does the app offer?

1.) New, relevant resources are added every month.

PBS adds new, innovative resources every month related to the topics being covered in class (along with current events) that can help support your kids’ learning and keep them current.

2.) Access to thousands of safe, valid resources is at your fingertips.

Kids can explore, view, save and download thousands of resources from videos and games to images and audio clips.

3.) You can “favorite” your favorites.

When you favorite the resources you and your kids love, you can have quick access to them at any time.

4.) Create and demonstrate!

Kids can create storyboards using resources, gram pics and images that will wow you and their teachers. Kids can easily access their favorite resources to demonstrate their mastery of concepts, too!

5.) Local connections are here, too.

AETN PBS LearningMedia materials specifically related Arkansas and your community are available on top of the broad library of national materials!


PBS Students App


PBS Students App

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