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PBS scores 57 Daytime Emmy Awards, Sesame Street with 16

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For those who have watched PBS programs for some time - some of us since birth (eek, for 40 years if you count Sesame Street days) - we know that what we are watching is not purely entertainment…something to fill the time.... it’s actual quality, not just entertainment.  There is thoughtful consideration that goes into programming on PBS, in particular with the children’s programs, most of us probably never contemplate – we just appreciate it, expect it, are used to it.  When AETN says ‘educational television’, it means that actual teachers, experts and parents are behind the scenes putting together programs to feed our brains, not just our eyes.  At 2 I didn’t know that.  I just had a big hairy crush on Snuffaluffagus.  At 40, I am thankful for it and that my pre-schoolers are the current beneficiaries of not only Sesame Street but Curious George over breakfast who teaches them about good intentions, kindness and forgiveness;  Dinosaur Train that entices their sense of adventure and makes them ask questions about the world outside of small town, USA, and The Electric Company that teachers them about words, making good choices - and friendship.  

PBS leads Daytime Emmy Nominations this year with 57, including Sesame Street’s 16 nods.  Culinary and Life shows stood out as did children’s programming like the ones we watch at my house and Martha Speaks, FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, Sid the Science Kid, and Between the Lions.  Martin Short got a well-deserved nomination as Cat in the Hat.  If you haven’t heard him, check it out – he was born for this role…. You can catch him M-F at 7:30 a.m.  Martha Speaks starts at 6:30, Curious George at 7 and then Cat in the Hat.  Not a bad way to start your day…a smart dog, curious monkey and talking cat who can drive.   Who doesn’t get a little jazzed about that?

Sesame Street was listed in several categories including Outstanding Pre-school Children’s Series, Decoration/Scenic Design, Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program, Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set, and Outstanding Directing In A Children's Series.

Click here to see the complete list of nominees.

The awards ceremony will be broadcast from Las Vegas June 19 on CBS, with Wayne Brady hosting.

You can find a full list of AETN programs at