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Over the last year, Masterpiece proves it's a classic series.

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I have long been a reader of the girls….you know…the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen and the like and for the most part drooled over the big screen versions of the books.  Hard sometimes though…not always do I like when I see my peeps on the screen, they often conflict with the images I concocted in my brain while reading. My brain starts to duke it out….she’s not blond I’ll scream in my head or he has kinder eyes…or whatever.  Fun times.  But, somehow it never occurred to me that I could get a weekly (and free) dose of this favorite niche/life/period in time of mine on television.  Until…”Downton Abbey”.  Oh my.  Lovely.  And then (dangit all) I wanted more.  So ouila!  here comes the new “Upstairs, Downstairs”.  Don’t tell anybody, but on a beautiful, sunny day instead of being a good girl and enjoying nature, I was happily drinking chai tea and shoveling popcorn in my pie-hole catching up with my precious “Upstairs, Downstairs” peeps.  I don’t know, for like….a half day.  I also have “Sherlock” waiting for me and the next luscious version from “Downton Abbey” in 2012.  I may even have it on my calendar to watch for.  Classics geek.  Me.

The cool thing is, AETN now has a lot of Masterpiece streaming online, so if you are like me catching yourself on a couch with snacks….catch up.