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On the road to Northeast Arkansas

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I spent my Friday afternoon visiting with some great people in Northeast Arkansas.  My initial reason for visiting the region was to attend a conference in Jonesboro, but along the way I made it a point to stop to talk with some locals about the upcoming elections.  We, at AETN, are collecting citizens thoughts on what problems are affecting Arkansans across the state for the upcoming elections. As part of this project, we are videotaping their responses and posting them on our Debates Website. Were hoping to encourage a conversation to help better inform voters in the upcoming election.

On my way to Jonesboro I spoke with two gentlemen in Cash - a small town right outside Jonesboro. I was hoping to get some responses from people living in small town Arkansas while on my trip.  Unfortunately, both gentlemen were residents of Jonesboro, but they were still were able to give some insight into what worries Arkansans in the region.

Covering this election has made me acutely aware of how many candidate advertisements there are in towns and on roadways.  In Cash, there is a 4-way stop that everyone traveling to Jonesboro has to stop at.  At that intersection, the sides of the roadway are littered with candidate advertisements.  For me, It seems counter-intuitive to try to stand out in such a crowded location.  It was a bit overwhelming.