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Norris Church Mailer

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  • "AETN Presents" producer Casey Sanders
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Portrait photo of Norris Church Mailer

In Arkansas, she is still known as Barbara, but to the world she is known as Norris Church Mailer, the sixth wife of writer Norman Mailer and a gal from Atkins, Arkansas.

I was around her for all of an hour and a half and in that brief time became completely enamored with her charm, poise and grace.  She lived in a fabulous place in New York City and has hosted parties for the likes of Ted Kennedy, Oleg Casini, Bob Dylan and Hunter S. Thompson, yet she was as down to earth and Arkansawyer-like as they come.  It was apparent that she was telling the truth when she said that she came back to Arkansas frequently. She knew the roads, the restaurants and the stores.

She was at AETN to be interviewed about her memoir that had just been published “A Ticket to the Circus,” and just like the book, her interview was full of wonderful stories and she held her head up high as she told the ones that were at her expense.  She left an impression on Kane Webb who interviewed her that day June 12, 2010 as well, “we spoke over the phone (one interview) and chatted on camera at AETN (another interview), a total of an hour tops, but I had a friend. Barbara possessed a Southern lady’s unbought grace, the gift of putting others at ease the moment she swept into a room. And she swept into a room. Another thing she never stopped being was that gorgeous model," Kane said.

We were glad to get to meet and spend time with Norris Church Mailer and it’s with much sadness that we say goodbye. "AETN Presents: On the Same Page With Norris Church Mailer" airs Wednesday, Dec. 8, at 6:30 p.m.