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New series “Paint With Kevin” premieres April 5

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Be sure to tune in for our newest crafting series, “Paint With Kevin” on Saturdays at 10 a.m., beginning April 5. In each 30-minute episode, eighteen-year-old painting phenom Kevin Hill invites painters of all skill levels to complete a new oil painting. 

So, what can you expect of this addition to our Saturday morning crafting line-up? We think our Director of Production Carole Adornetto said it beautifully: “From the moment I first saw Kevin Hill’s paintings, I was stunned. His resemblance — in appearance and manner — to PBS icon Bob Ross is astonishing, but, at the same time, Kevin brings a unique style to this delightfully entertaining and instructional program.”

The 13-episode season of “Paint With Kevin” offers hobbyists step-by-step instruction for creating “wet-on-wet” oil paint landscapes and seascapes using a wide array of vibrant colors and painting techniques. These lessons are suitable for artists of all skill levels (some of AETN’s novices can testify to the truth of that!) and address topics like applications, blending, creating perspective, composition and color mixing.

Despite his youth, Hill projects a mature, reassuring demeanor, and hopes to encourage viewers to take up the brushes and pallet with confidence — much in the way he began painting. The California-based artist, art instructor, popular YouTube host and online gallery owner, Hill began painting at age 15 while watching PBS programming. Now 18, Hill specializes in the “wet-on-wet” oil painting technique and prefers the style because it allows artists of all levels to paint a complete work in a short time.

When we asked Kevin about his experience create and hopes for the program, he said this: “I’ve been incredibly excited by the entire process of creating a new art program for AETN. From filming to final editing, it’s been an amazing experience. My hope is that ‘Paint With Kevin’ will excite a new generation of painters, in addition to inspiring long-term artists.”

Our hopes are much the same! We’ve really enjoyed getting to know Kevin and think you will, too. Find a preview of Kevin’s painting style and instruction methods on his YouTube channel and watch with us Saturday morning. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

TUNE IN: Saturday, April 5, 2014 “Paint With Kevin,” 10 a.m.