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New “Exploring Arkansas” Episode Monday, Aug. 6

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Exploring Arkansas Family Outing at Fort Rock in Combs 

During our brand new EA episode on Aug. 6 at 6:30 p.m., we finally get to introduce to you the lucky winners of our first EA family outing contest. I always have folks tell me that they wish they could go with us on one of our exploring outings … so, this is what the contest was all about. Lana and Ed McClain of Sherwood won it and invited their two granddaughters to come along. The location was a fantastic place called Fort Rock Family Camp near Combs in the Ozark National Forest. Fort Rock is a camp that’s actually a recreated 1800s fort and old west town. Guests stay in one of four blockhouses and enjoy activities that range from zip-lining to tomahawk throwing to horseback riding and a few things in between. The entire setup is designed for family restoration and enrichment. 

And, talk about enrichment — in this episode we’ll also take you to a shape note or Sacred Harp singing gathering at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View. Gatherings such as the one we attended are designed to keep alive the four-part hymn and anthem traditions that were so much a part of pioneer America. You may have recently heard this type of singing in the movie “Cold Mountain.” 

We’ll close out the episode by going to the Little Rock Zoo! Yes! And for a good reason – we’re visiting two wonderful interactive exhibits. One features Rainbow Lorikeets from Australia and one that features penguins from South Africa, with the only underwater penguin exhibit in the country. So join us for old west adventure, old time singing and up-close penguin swimming fun Monday, Aug. 6!


"Exploring Arkansas" Monday, Aug. 6, at 6:30 p.m.