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My Intern Experience

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Being an intern at AETN has been a surprisingly pleasant experience so far. Not to say that I expected the job to be a nightmare, but I'm a Broadcast Journalism major working in the PR/Marketing department.Both PR and Journalism fall under the mass communications umbrella so it all isn't too unfamiliar for me.This is one of the more close knit groups of people I've had the chance to work with. None of the personalities seem to clash, and everyone understands the purpose and goals of this department, and are working together to accomplish them. Everyone I have met so far is nice and willing show me things I'm not so used to doing like writing press releases as opposed to scripts for a newscast.

I have worked closely with Tiffany Verkler and Kerry Krell among others, mostly on projects for AETN's Engage program. I have worked on media alerts and press releases for Ken Burns new documentary "The Tenth Inning' as well as releases for community cinema. I also have taken "field trips", getting interviews from the public dealing with the Upcoming November elections. I also will be working closely with the staff during the debates for the elections being held right here at AETN. I'm about a third of the way through the time I will be spending here, and it has been a challenging yet enjoyable experience.