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My Favorite Kite-building Articles and Videos – “Blueberry’s Clubhouse”

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  • Adam Kittrell, Wood & Metal Shop Foreman, The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub
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When Arkansas PBS asked Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub to build a kite for “Blueberry’s Clubhouse,” I was immediately excited. I haven’t built a kite since I was in elementary school. Then, I realized just how long that’s been. How had I made a kite back then? What size is a kite? What is the best material to use? Did I need any special tools? I had a lot of questions, so I jumped online and quickly found several videos and articles that made me feel much better about building a kite. Here are some of the videos and websites that I used to get that information.


  1. Make a Kite | WikiHow: This WikiHow page is phenomenal. The instructions provide a lot of great detail, like how big to make your kite. Overall, the build is broken up into three stages, so it didn’t feel like it would be too big to start this project. Each step along the way is easy to understand and has great pictures.
  2. Build a Newspaper Kite | Instructables:  I use the Instructables website all the time to get ideas and information about how to build different projects. They have everything from kite building to 3D printing to making your own magnetic slime. I knew they would have some great kite builds. This one uses newspaper as the material for the kite instead of the plastic bag recommended by WikiHow. They also provided different dimensions for the kite size. That was helpful, too. Knowing that different people were able to make their kites fly with different dimensions showed me that the dimensions were not as important as I first thought.
  3. How to Make a Diamond Kite | Chaotically Yours: This article showed me how to make two different types of kites: the classic diamond and a triangle kite. Although the first two articles showed me how to make a diamond kite, I loved this article because it allowed me to see the differences between the two builds. I made the diamond kite for Blueberry but may try to make a triangle kite this fall.
  4. How to Make a Homemade Kite | Kidspot: After reading the articles above, I was ready to see what YouTube had to offer. Sometimes it is helpful to watch a person actually make the item you want to build. I found a lot of kite-building videos — everything from complex builds, like box kites, to simpler designs, like the classic diamond or triangle kites. This video was very similar to the articles above, but it shows the entire process of building a simple kite.
  5. How to Make a Kite Tutorial | Diego Mtz: This is a quick video created by a group of friends building their own kite. For their build, they used tissue paper for the body of the kite, and I liked that change. This makes it super easy to change the color and draw different designs on your kite. Each friend takes charge of one step in the kite-making process. I really liked seeing the team work together.


After reading these articles and watching both videos, I remembered how simple — and fun — it was to make a kite. Like most other projects, you can make a very simple kite or a very intricate and complicated one. Seeing everyone’s different builds also showed me that there is no set size or dimension of a kite.  Of course, if you make your own kite, you can decorate it any way you like. We would love to see pictures of the kites you fly. So, please, feel free to share them!




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