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Mountaintop Removal vs. Moving Mountains

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Last night we screened "Deep Down," a documentary about mountaintop removal coal mining in eastern Kentucky.

While "Deep Down" sounds like it should be an environmental film, it wasn't so much that as it was a film about neighbors, community and making a difference.

The film follows two people, one determined to stop mountaintop removal coal mining in her community, the other faced with economic hardship and on the fence as whether or not to lease his property to the coal company. (He eventually decides it's best not to lease.)

Now these coal companies are powerful, wealthy and willing to do whatever it takes to get more coal. But these land owners were equally determined to preserve not only their land but their cultural heritage.  

The biggest message in the whole film wasn't about mountaintop removal, but about the things that can get done when a community becomes a unified front.

Maytown, Kentucky was eventually able to get the coal company to agree to a less invasive form of mining.

"Deep Down" proved that it really is possible to move mountains but without disturbing the landscape.

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 "Deep Down" airs on AETN Plus/World on Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. Be sure to tune in!