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Meet the “Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 2” Cast

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It’s summertime on Arkansas PBS, and you know what that means: it’s time to get ready for Blueberry season! We’re heading out on another super fun adventure — and learning about empathy, family, culture and facing your fears — this July in “Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 2,” produced in partnership with the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. As we count down to the return of “Blueberry’s Clubhouse,” get to know some of our berry favorite characters — old and new — with a sneak peek at our “Season 2” cast!


Huckleberry in glasses and a green T-shirt at work on a metallic creation



Blueberry’s father is all about being helpful in a pinch. He may not be the sharpest berry on the bush, but he knows that – with hard work and determination – he can figure anything out. With his fanny pack stocked with everything from sunscreen to superglue, Huckleberry knows the best dad comes prepared! Huckleberry loves Blueberry and is here to support all of her summertime adventures. 


Juneberry, wearing yellow pearl earrings and necklace, smiles at the camera



As Blueberry’s mom, Juneberry has seen it all.  She adores Blueberry’s zest for life and works hard to find the bright side even when her daughter’s plans go awry. With Juneberry’s warm, nurturing nature, it is clear where Blueberry gets her sweet, sunny disposition! If Juneberry sees anyone having a hard time, she is here to talk them through it. 


Miles, wearing an orange backwards baseball cap and green and white striped T-Shirt, looks into the camera with the Howdy Helmet sitting on the counter to his left



With his backwards ball cap and hand-me-down jeans, Miles is the quintessential little brother.  He’s made an art of getting noticed while staying out of trouble. Life is tough for a younger sibling and, sometimes, Miles determination to be himself leaves him feeling lonely. Miles is excited to come to camp this year, but he’s determined to find a place for himself out from under Max’s shadow.   


Anna, wearing a red camisole under a white cam-shirt with red trips, smiles at the camera



Max and Miles mom loves her children very much, but raising two growing kids means handling a lot of conflict. Anna is so glad that Max has friends like Blueberry, but she’s eager to see Max welcome Miles into the magical world of camp. Anna hopes the kids can learn that family means sharing and caring, even when it is hard. 


Boysenberry, with a Bob Ross-esque afro and beard, looks into the camera



One of Blueberry’s uncles, Boysenberry wants Blueberry to know family is all about loving each other unconditionally. While the families we’re born with will support us, sometimes life gives us role models and summer camp friends who feel like family. And that is okay, too!  


Boysenberry, wearing an aviator jacket, scarf and googles, as well as headset with speaker, waves to the camera



Blueberry’s high-flying aunt is the queen of facing adventure head on! Gooseberry is here to show Blueberry that nothing is too hard in life as long as you rise to the challenge. It’s when you believe in yourself and leave doubt on the runway that you really soar! 


Chef Shawn, in light blue Camp Onomatopoeia, black bandana, and white toque, stands next to Mere the Moose in the mess hall


Chef Shawn

For Chef Shawn, all the kitchen is a stage. Feeding hungry campers demands a visionary with boundless energy and a heart for healthy food. Shawn lives by the notion that even the most mundane dishes can be lifted to greatness with a dash of passion and a soupçon of silliness. Teaching the campers to think outside the boxChef Shawn is here to remind you the best ideas are often the ones you never see coming! 


Floret and Rhurbab Puppets stand behind kitchen counter


Rhubarb & Floret

Always there with a salty remark on Chef Shawn’s hard work, Rhubarb and Floret give new meaning to the term “food critics! These silly kitchen sidekicks are living vegetables who take it upon themselves to share a pantry-full of opinions and sass with campers. 


Camp Counselor Carol, wearing a light blue Camp Onomatopoeia T-shirt under a denim, long-sleeved snap-front shirt tries on the Howdy Helmet, which resembles a colonnade with lights and headset


Camp Counselor Carol

Camp Counselor Carol loves every camper at camp! While she wants her campers to have fun and learn a lot, she knows it is her job to keep everyone safe. Carol is always there with a welcome joke or a helping hand! She is eager to let Blueberry and Max learn the most they can about the world around them. When camp rules get in the way of an adventure, Camp Counselor Carol is there with a quick tip about how Blueberry and Max can stay safe while still having fun! 


Max, with hair in pigtails and wearing a teal t-shirt under a grey, pink, blue, white and yellow plaid, long-sleeved button-down shirt and tortoiseshell glasses, casts a surprised glance to someone offscreen



Max is a camper with big summer plans and an even bigger heart! She is determined to make the most of her time at camp. Max dreams big and is always excited to help Blueberry on her next great adventure. If Blueberry’s energy ever gets out of hand, Max is there to keep her grounded and focused on the goal at hand. With Blueberry’s energy and Max’s determination there is nothing that they can’t accomplish! 


Blueberry, wearing pink glittery glasses and a long-sleeved gray and fuchsia-striped shirt under denim overalls, waves to the camera



Blueberry is the ultimate “happy camper.” Her special clubhouse comes complete with a magical phone she uses to call all of her friends and a powerful periscope which transports her to incredible places all over The Natural State!  


Blueberry is determined to make the best of any situation. She knows that with imagination and friendship there is no problem too big to be solved! 


Summer camp fun starts with "Season 2” in July 2021. Learn more about the show and stay up-to-date on what’s to come at




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