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Meet Jet Propulsion at the Bentonville Film Festival

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If you’ve enjoyed exploring space, science, technology and astronomy with “Ready, Jet, Go!” on PBS KIDS, don’t miss our special event with the Bentonville Film Festival and the Bentonville Public Library on Saturday, May 7!

“Ready, Jet, Go!” is an exciting new PBS KIDS series for kids ages 3-8 that takes viewers on a journey into outer space. The series follows two neighborhood kids, Sean and Sydney, who befriend the new kid on their street, Jet Propulsion. The twist? Jet and his family members just happen to be aliens from the planet Bortron 7! Together, they explore the solar system and the effects it has on the science of our planet while learning about friendship and teamwork along the way. 


At Saturday’s special meet-and-greet, you can see Jet Propulsion in person! You can also meet the program’s on-air expert Dr. Amy Mainzer, a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory astronomer who likes to track asteroids, and the series’ executive producer, Dete Meserve.


The special meet-and-greet and screening event will be held at the Bentonville Public Library on May 7 from 10-11:30 a.m. We’ll also screen an exciting episode of “Ready, Jet, Go!,” have fun activities, and the chance to take photos with Jet Propulsion! 

There will also be many more fun, family activities available all weekend through both the Bentonville Film Festival and the Bentonville Public Library’s special events, including an outstanding celebration of their fourth annual Free Comic Book Day! Learn more about the Bentonville Film Festival events here and Bentonville Public Library’s events here.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

“Ready, Jet, Go!” Meet-and-Greet Event, 10-11:30 a.m.

Bentonville Public Library
405 S. Main St.


“Ready, Jet, Go!”
Bentonville Film Festival
Bentonville Public Library


“Ready, Jet, Go!”

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