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“Make Room For Pie”

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Get ready to take a delicious slice out of life with the premiere of Arkansas PBS Foundaion original production “Make Room for Pie”! Airing Thursday, March 8, at 6:30 p.m., this rollicking, sweet and all around delicious adventure pilgrimage across The Natural State to sample the best pies Arkansas has to offer.

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“Make Room for Pie” is the story of Arkansas, told through a diverse and eclectic batch of pie bakers, from the Delta to the Ozark Mountains. Author Kat Robinson takes viewers on a delicious tour of old time diners and off-the-beaten-path cafes, where pies are created with love and sweet perfection.

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Which local pie Meccas can you expect to encounter in this tribute to all things pie-like and delicious? With so many fabulous options scattered across Arkansas, it required some tough decision making (and taste testing), but our final sweet, sweet 16 includes:

  • Charlotte’s Eats & Sweets, Keo.
  • Big John’s/Tacker’s Shake Shack, Marion.
  • Lindsey’s Hospitality House, North Little Rock.
  • Honey Pies, Little Rock.
  • Miss Anna’s on Towson and Ed Walker’s Drive-In, Fort Smith.
  • Sweet Treats Sandwich & Pie Shop, Lamar.
  • Hillbilly Hideout, Ozark.
  • PattiCakes Bakery, Conway.
  • Shangri-La Resort, Mount Ida.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Chef, Hot Springs.
  • The Skillet Restaurant, Mountain View.
  • Batten’s Donuts & Bakery, Paragould.
  • Rhoda’s Famous Hot Tamales & Pies, Lake Village.
  • The Backyard B-B-Q Co., Magnolia.
  • Grandma's House Café, Winslow.
  • The Wooden Spoon, Gentry.
  • Make Room for Pie Honey Pies

    Each of these unique establishments highlights a unique aspect of the Arkansas culinary landscape, as pie guide Kat Robinson — a food and travel writer based in Little Rock — shares:

    “This special provides the chance to recognize many of the underrated piemakers who create these humble yet delectable masterpieces, while sharing so much of what's great about The Natural State,” Robinson said. “Pie is our common denominator. Every part of our state has whole and sliced pie, fried pies – this dessert that isn't just on our sideboard but by the cash register at our local truck stop or on the counter at the nearest lunchroom. Having that sort of saturation around the state provides a canvas for a deeper narrative about who we are and all these wonders that surround us, a common language that both promotes us from the outside and connects us within our borders as well.”

    Make Room For Pies The Wooden Spoon

    Produced by veteran broadcast journalist, educator and documentary filmmaker Larry Foley, the film captures Arkansas’s cultural diversity and highlights lots of fun facts about both what may be the world’s most perfect dessert and the state.

    Make Room for Pie Website

    Looking for more? Be sure to check out the film’s companion website to get a sneak peek at all you have to look forward to with a photo gallery from the highlighted restaurants and even a place to submit your favorite pie recipes for the chance to be featured in a special e-cookbook!

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    Thursday, March 8, 2018

    “Make Room for Pie: A Delicious Slice of The Natural State,” 6:30 p.m.


    “Make Room for Pie: A Delicious Slice of the Natural State”