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Let's play ball!

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Although summertime is drawing to a close and there's a statewide epidemic of highly contagious Hog Fever, we at AETN would like to remind you to not forget about the other sport out there: Baseball.

There's something undeniably "American" about the game of baseball. Maybe it's because you don't need any fancy equipment to play--just a ball, a bat and about 10 of your best buds (18 if you want to get serious.) Or maybe because a baseball field just feels like Smalltown, USA.

If all this sentimental talk about baseball is making you itch to play, well, we can't help you. But if you happen to have some random baseball trivia floating around your noggin, we encourage you to enter AETN's Baseball Trivia Contest. It's only eight questions and they're even multiple choice, so there's really no reason why you shouldn't give it a shot. You could win an autographed baseball signed by Ken Burns, a copy of the "Baseball" companion book from the original series, and jerseys from both the Arkansas Travelers and the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. You can enter here.

If you need any more proof as to why baseball holds such a dear place in the American psyche just watch Burns' "The Tenth Inning," a follow-up to the 1994 series simply titled "Baseball," which was seen by 43 million viewers making it the most-watched program in PBS history.

"The Tenth Inning" follows the developments of the past 16 years, including the 1994 strike, the influx of Latino and Asian players, to the scandals surrounding the use of performance enhancing drugs.

We hope you tune in to the premiere of "The Tenth Inning" on Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 7 p.m.

And don't forget to hit a home run on the AETN Baseball Trivia contest!