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Let's go go go go....on an adventure.....(a commercial-free one)

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Image of Curious George looking through binoculars

I have a sneaking suspicion that around the Thanksgiving table I am going to have to cleverly voice the things I am thankful for this year.  Fine, I say....I have been obsessing over this for nearly a week now.  The clever part I'm not so sure I can pull off BUT I do earn my every other Friday paycheck knowing 'words' so I figure I can string some together to make a semi-coherent sentence on a Thursday afternoon...starting with my standby blessings of having legs to run, a heart to love, arms to hug my kiddos.  But this week I am EXTREMELY thankful for commercial-free kids shows.  Is that so wrong?  Could I move that to the front of my thankful list?  'Why this week?' you might ask, does this matter to me so much?  Seriously now, if you have one - or know someone who has one - or have ever heard of a 'kid', you know that your Halloween to Christmas timeframe is filled with my (new) most hated set of three words.  'I want that!'  Every. Single.  Commercial.  Doesn't matter what the toy is.  It really doesn't.  Just like the toy catalog in my mailbox before daughter pointing at pink and purple images at random flipping through each fun-filled page and finally closing it and saying 'I want everything for a girl.'  Wow.  Back up. 

So new rule for awhile.  No toy catalogs within kid reach.  No bad kiddie shows with ever increasing toy commercials leading up to the 'giving' season.  ONLY 'Curious George.'  And 'Cat in the Hat.'  I can literally feel my brow unfurrow, my neck muscles relax.  Peace and love for the uninterrupted lovely, quiet, educational stories of these beloved critters.  A rainy, cold Tuesday with kids up early, crowded and snuggled up in my bed before school singing 'Let's go go go go...on an adventure!'  Yep.  Much better than shoot 'em up 'heroes' for 1 minute followed by 5 minutes of you-know-what.  

And after we have gone on our adventure with Dr. Seuss - and George has made amends to the man in the yellow hat - my daughter says 'Mommy, your work is SO lucky'.  Wow.  She's so right.  PBSKids - your safe, calm place for the holidays. And with that....Off to the thing-a-ma-jig!    

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