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Learn Spanish With “Oh, Noah!” This Summer

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This summer, introduce kids to Spanish in an entertaining way with “Oh, Noah!” This PBS KIDS digital series features the comic misadventures of Noah, a young boy who stays with his grandmother in a community where almost no one else speaks English. As Noah tries to learn Spanish and makes new friends, his misunderstandings often land him in wacky predicaments, but he always manages to rebound and cheerfully learn from his mistakes! See a quick preview now:


Geared for kids aged 4-7, “Oh, Noah!” has a host of outstanding tools to introduce kids to Spanish in a fun, inviting way. The animated videos teach by introducing vocabulary and allowing kids to put it together in a meaningful context, which helps them learn language better.  Although, like Noah, kids may not understand all the Spanish dialogue introduced in the videos at first, they can comprehend the story through visual storytelling. As we see through Noah’s trial and error learning methods, the series creates a relaxed, “mistakes allowed” environment, and it makes for great repeat viewing!


On top of the funny animated videos, “Oh, Noah!” features embedded games and interactive games, and we have wonderful printables and extension activities for families to introduce, build and reinforce the Spanish vocabulary. Don’t miss coloring sheets, activities and a special Bingo game available at Even more fun activities, interactive games and all of the “Oh, Noah!” videos are available to watch online at


Learning a second language early in life provides great benefits for kids — in addition to being able to communicate in a foreign language, according to the Center for Applied Linguistics, it also helps improve understanding of the native language, has a positive effect on intellectual growth, enriches and enhances mental development, promotes more flexibility in thinking, develops greater sensitivity to language and cultivates a better ear for listening. What’s not to love?! 


As you gear up for the summer, we hope you’ll share your language learning adventures (and even misadventures) with us. We can’t wait to see all that you and Noah accomplish!


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