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Leap Into Learning Literacy With ArkansasIDEAS

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How will you spend your extra day?

Saturday, February 29, is a leap day — an extra day added to every fourth year to keep the calendar in line with the solar year. Since we only have one February 29 every four years, it is a day worthy of celebration.

Use your extra leap day to leap into learning literacy with a challenge from ArkansasIDEAS. Boost your classroom instruction with this professional learning opportunity. On February 29, take the .5 hour course, Literacy Design Collaborative: Developing Literacy with LDC in Arkansas Schools (IAH15061), for a chance to win a goodie basket full of books and supplies for your classroom!

The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) offers educators an instructional design system for infusing literacy instruction across content areas while also engaging students in rigorous exploration of subject content. Teachers in Gentry High School adopted the LDC Framework in attempt to improve their instructional practice and student achievement. This course features four high school teachers who implemented LDC in their classroom; each shares the challenges and rewards they encountered when building and utilizing LDC modules with their students.

So, use your extra day to leap into literacy for a chance to win. The course must be completed on February 29 between 12:00 a.m.–11:59 p.m. Completions before or after the specified time will not be counted.

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