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Last-Minute PBS Halloween Costumes

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It's quitting time on October 31 - and you suddenly have a Halloween event to attend and … no costume. Don't worry we have a few ideas that you might be able to pull directly from your closet! From PBS icons to new Masterpiece favorites (for our sartorialists out there) read on for some great last-minute ideas!

"Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock"

Are you constantly annoyed by others' apparent lack of intelligence? Despite your general messiness, are you always smartly dressed? Consider disguising yourself as the 21st century's only consulting detective. 

Halloween Inspiration - Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock 

Slimfit button down shirt + tailored trousers + wingtips + trench coat + blue scarf = Sherlock (Bonus points for "funny hats" and the "purple shirt of sex" - don't blame us for the name; please, take it up with the internet fandom at large.)

Would you describe yourself as an individual of infinite patience, with a love of danger and an unusual fondness for lumpy sweaters? You could make an excellent John Watson!

Halloween Inspiration - Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock: John


Plaid collared shirt + cableknit sweater + jeans + dress shoes + button-front jacket = John (Bonus points awarded for puffy coats and (imitation) explosive belts).


"Masterpiece Theater: Downton Abbey"

If you have a fondness for hats, pearls and casual elegance, a Jazz Age "Downton Abbey" look may be in order. Mourn Matthew and chart the estate's future accordingly.

Halloween Inspiration - Masterpiece Theater Downton Abbey 

Tea-length skirt + flowing colorblock blouse + boyfriend sweater + long pearl strands + cloche hat + shoes of choice = Crowley fashion

PBS Classic - Julia Child

Channel the spirit of the cooking francophile - and treat yourself to a night of hilarious imitations - by assembling a Julia-inspired fashion!

Halloween Inspiration - Julia Child 

Long-sleeved polo + A-line skirt + low heels + single strand of pearls + DIY "Ecole Des 3 Gourmands" pin = Julia Child (Bonus points for chicken demonstrations and personal copies of "The Art of French Cooking.")

 PBS Classic - Mister Rogers

The icon to end all PBS icons, Fred Rogers, provides a easy-to-assemble costume we can all remember on our own. Pair with a kind voice and thoughtful investment in the lives of others.

Halloween Inspiration - Mister Rogers 

Cardigan sweater + classic tennis shoes + slacks + solid-colored button down shirt + thin, solid-colored tie = Mister Rogers (Bonus points for advocating for public television and AETN!)