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Kelly’s Top 5 “Student Selects” Picks for 2015

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During my time interning at AETN, I had the privilege of working with “Student Selects 2015: A Young Filmmakers Showcase.” It was so cool to me how creative all of the students’ pieces were. The hard work and dedication that it takes to make a short film is admirable, especially having the busy schedule of a student in high school. I loved all of the films that I watched, but some of them especially stood out to me. 

Here is a quick review of my favorites: 

“ A Film On Hate” by Reed C. Carson from Fayetteville High School 


It’s no wonder why Carson won a THEA scholarship for directing with this piece. “A Film On Hate” is wonderfully put together with an entertaining story line and ironic twist at the end. The good acting and character development throughout the piece especially impressed me. With a good plot line and overall comedic feel, “A Film On Hate” will be sure to put a smile on your face. 

“Call Me Crazy” by Amanda Hamilton and Michael Merida from Lakeside High School (Hot Springs) 


I loved this song and video together. With the different transitions and scenes working in concert, it gave the piece a dramatic feel. Hamilton and Merida did a good job describing throughout the music video what might be going on with the girl and guy emotionally in the song. 

“Pyro” by Cole Borgstadt from Fayetteville High School 


Pyro is a intense piece that will catch the viewer’s attention immediately. I loved how the producer was able to act out the entire story in just ten minutes while still providing enough background information to know what is going on. Shedding light on the negatives and positives, this short story displays how the characters each deal with internal struggles differently.

“Soccer Motivation” by Sintia Magana from Springdale District TV


This piece caught my attention from the beginning, it kind of reminded me of one of my favorite Michael Jordan commercials that I used to watch before basketball games to get “in the zone.” She sends a good message to the audience in that hard work and discipline are important if you want to succeed. You can really feel the passion she has for the sport, and this piece displays that love in a way that is both inspirational and motivating. 

“My Stepdad Zoltar” by Blase Zinck from Parkview Magnet High School (Little Rock)


This was definitely my favorite short film from this year’s student selects. In this short film, Zoltar goes to great lengths to win over his stepson, who is having a hard time accepting his new father. I smiled the entire time, especially at the hilarious sound effects and jokes. Zinck did a wonderful job putting together the story with each scene contributing to the overall flow of the plot line. Can there be a “My Stepdad Zoltar 2” in the future please? 

Be sure to check out “Student Selects” four-part series this year, which will air Fridays at 6:30 p.m. this September. 

If you would like to have your film featured in “Student Selects 2016,” you can visit for more information. 



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