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Jump-start AETN PBS KIDS Writers Contest Creativity

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We’re getting closer and closer to the AETN PBS KIDS Writers Contest deadline on April 10 - how is it possible that time is moving so fast?! 

Help your K-3 kiddos with writers block - or who would love a new way to create great stories - jump-start their creativity with the PBS KIDS online story creator at


It’s bright, colorful and interactive … and a great way to get started testing out story ideas! With different objects and backgrounds to choose from, it’s a great resource for sparking new thoughts. 


And, if kids are truly stuck or like the challenge of making a crazy story prompt work, the “Story Spark” generator is tons of fun! When we used it, it gave us a fun barnyard/space mashup.


After kids choose their background and select objects, the rest is up to them! The story creator platform also offers text and painting options to personalize, and once the story starts, kids can add as many pages and go through the process as many times as they like.


Once there’s a finished product or kids reach a stopping place, simply save the story with a PBS KIDS user name and password. 


If you don’t have a PBS KIDS account for your child already, they’ll need to create a username (that doesn’t include personal info), and accept the automatically generated password or make up their own.


There’s also a handy “secret code” creator to make a back door in case anyone forgets the password.

After the story is saved, they can share with the PBS KIDS community or keep it private so they can come back to edit and even get inspiration for their AETN PBS KIDS Writers Contest entry!

We can’t wait to see how the story creator works for your kids - or to read their Writers Contest entries! Check out for rules and full details. It’s going to be a blast!