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Introducing AETN Mobile

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We have launched AETN Mobile, our new mobile website.  We've been working on it for a few months now - mainly planning out the featured content and finding time to pull it all together.  Were really excited about allowing viewers to access AETN content on the go.  Viewers can now read our Engage Blog, check our daily schedule, watch AETN videos, get important notices and a whole lot more.

If you remember, we launched the AETN iPhone app a few months ago.  There was a lot of excitement and interest around that launch, and it was a great success.  But we soon realized that we were leaving a huge segment of the population out.  So, we got to work on creating a version of that all mobile devices could access.

It wasn't easy.  We first had to decide what the most important content was to our visitors of the site.  We then had to create special feeds for that content on the backend.  After we were done with that, we looked at what other public broadcast stations were doing with their mobile websites.  We saw a lot of plain content and not a lot of engagement.  In their defense, engagement is really difficult to do in the mobile-sphere.  The reason is because developers and designers don't have a lot of control of the way things function and its a very limiting platform - but we're ambitious here.  We wanted to add as much engagement as possible.  That's why we have our Engage Blog as the landing page for the mobile site.  We also added at the bottom of the site links to all our mobile social networking accounts.  That way visitors can find us elsewhere on the web and it allows them the ability to interact with us through multiple forums.

Soon we'll add new features and update the layout and design.  We would love to get your input on the new AETN Mobile.  With your input, we can make the new mobile site the best possible site for you to enjoy AETN content.

This site is for you.  Please own it and tell us how we can make it better by leaving a comment below.  We take all comments seriously.