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Inspired Streaming With AR PBS Create TV

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Whether you’re into cooking, traveling, gardening, sewing or fitness, Arkansas PBS’s Create TV has something for everyone. The channel offers a variety of instructional programs aimed to inspire your “do-it-yourself" attitude. You can now livestream Create TV, so you can watch it anytime, anywhere! Check out our list of shows featured on the channel below to find some that pique your creative spirit.


From vegan recipes to classic American recipes, you can find something to satisfy your tastebuds with the wide range of cooking shows you’ll find.


“Jazzy Vegetarian”

Host Laura Theodore is a nationally renowned jazz singer and an award-winning cookbook author. In her show, she shares modern and mindful recipes that don’t include meat, dairy or eggs.

“America’s Test Kitchen” from Cook’s Illustrated

In this show, test kitchen cooks Bridget Lancaster, Julia Collin Davison and Rebecca Hays demonstrate the basics of home cooking while preparing recipes that have been exhaustively tested to work every time. The show also features top recommendations for supermarket staples, kitchen equipment and gadgets.


“Simply Ming”

Award-winning chef and author Ming Tsai hosts this Emmy-nominated series where he comes up with a meal on the fly using a merge of Eastern and Western ingredients from his pantry. The show features a technique demonstration, one meal prepared by a nationally renowned guest and another by Ming himself.

“Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Kitchen”

Chef Kevin Belton teaches home cooks the ins and outs of New Orleans’ cuisine with recipes ranging from fried oyster po-boy sandwiches to duck and andouille gumbo.


Want to learn travel tips for planning your own vacation or just see beautiful sights from around the world? Either way, these are the shows for you.

“Rick Steve’s Europe”

Rick Steve hosts public television’s most-watched, longest running travel series. He travels to Europe’s most interesting places from great cities to off-the-beaten-path discoveries and experiences local culture, cuisine and fun.

“Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope”

Travel journalist Joseph Rosendo hosts this Daytime Emmy-winning series where he explores destinations around the world, interacts with the local population and spotlights their culture.

Home and Garden

Create TV has a variety of shows about home renovations, decorating, gardening, woodworking- you name it! If any of that speaks to you, then you’ll want to make sure to check these shows out.

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“This Old House”

This Emmy-winning series covers whole-house renovations from start to finish with a team of experts over the course of several episodes.

“American Woodshop”

Master woodworker Scott Phillips shares woodworking tips for every skill level in this series. He meets a master craftsman who provides tips and techniques on creating everything from heirloom-quality furniture to handy jigs and tools.



This series offers expert tips from horticulturists and home gardeners, spotlighting plants, helpful gardening techniques, sustainability and the latest gardening trends for the novice to experienced gardeners.

Arts and Crafts

Really embrace the “do-it-yourself" attitude with these shows by learning all things sewing, quilting and making.

“Best of Sewing With Nancy”

This series provides the best of longtime sewing expert Nancy Zieman’s contemporary sewing, quilting and home decorating ideas.

“A Craftsman’s Legacy”

Host Eric Gorges travels across the U.S. interviewing craftsmen about why they chose their craft, where they learned their skills and the challenges and importance of keeping the tradition alive in the 21st century. Then, he takes on the role of apprentice under the guidance of the craftsmen.

“Quilting Arts”

Hosts Patricia Bolton and Susan Brubaker Knapp inspire beginning and expert art quilters alike with this show where they share expertise in art and design concepts and cover a variety of fiber art and mixed-media techniques for quilts.


It’s never been easier to get inspired to be active with these fitness shows.


Miranda Esmonde-White hosts two shows, “Classical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique” and “Classical Stretch: By Essentrics.” All ages, beginners or advanced fitness levels can participate in her workouts intended to increase strength, flexibility and mobility, as well as relieve chronic pain and keep joints pain-free.  


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, look no further because these shows will tell you all about what it takes to make the change.

“Modern Pioneering with Georgia Pellegrini”

Chef, best-selling author and outdoor expert Georgia Pellegrini hosts this series where she shares recipes, projects and skills for a self-sufficient life. She teaches how to limit wastefulness and encourages you to make the best of what you have.

“Urban Conversion”

This series features husband and wife duo Rodman and Gina Schley as they take on making their urban lifestyle more eco-friendly. They learn about everything from backyard beekeeping and chicken-raising to alternative fuels, home brewing, community-run gardens and more.

If you want to feel inspired, Create TV has just what you need to spark your motivation! Make sure to check out these shows and watch live at