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Increase Your Arkansas PBS Donation Without Adding a Cent - EFT Conversion

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If there were a way to increase your Arkansas PBS donation without adding a cent to the dollar amount you already give, would you help? Sustaining members, you can help Arkansas PBS Foundation right now!

As a Sustaining Member of Arkansas PBS, your ongoing monthly support is vital to our ability to plan ahead and thrive as a station you can trust, enjoy, and rely on every day of the year.

But, as credit cards expire or are replaced, Arkansas PBS Foundation misses out on thousands of dollars each month - and thens of thousands annually - from people who care deeply about the station and have every intention of loyally supporting it.

There's one quick and easy thing that you can do right now to help us reach full funding for the programs you love and simplify your giving even more – switch your monthly contribution to an automatic deduction from your checking account.

Take the challenge now to make the switch to Electronic Funds Transfer! Just call our membership team at 800-662-2386 to make your changes by phone.

Plus, when you give this way – through your checking account – it means that you accomplish even more with your gift because Arkansas PBS will save on administrative and processing costs - directing more of your generous donation to the programs you care about.


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