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Important Information about KTEJ-19/Jonesboro

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KTEJ-19 / Jonesboro will be off the air for replacement of our transmission line starting the week of September 5 for about a week to ten days. 

Having completed Phase I of the KTEJ/Jonesboro maximization project, which involved replacing the 50kW transmitter with a 323kW transmitter and increasing the size of the HVAC system there, AETN now enters Phase II of the KTEJ project.  This will involve the replacement of the inner conductors in the 20+ year-old, 6-inch transmission line connecting the new transmitter to the broadcast antenna.  To not do so now could allow for an eventual catastrophic failure and even a fire in the transmission line causing us to be off the air for a long, extended time at KTEJ.  Thus, prudence dictates that we complete Phase II as soon as possible.  

With all of the preparatory work that must take place and if all goes well, we might have the line completely rebuilt bythe end of the week of September 12th.  However, days are getting shorter cutting in to the crew time on the 1,000-foot tower.

During the entire week to ten day period of tower work, KTEJ will be required to be off the air.  When we return to air, the entire project (Phase I and II) will be completed and KTEJ-19 will be broadcasting with 6 1/2 times more power than it has since the switchover to Digital only in 2004.  This increase in power will provide for a much larger broadcast coverage area with an extremely more reliable and powerful signal strength.

We appreciate your understanding and patience with this necessary situation.  In the meantime, we encourage viewers to watch many of our programs online at