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Highlighting High School Hype - “AETN Sports”

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  • Ryan Bates, Chase Burnham and Nathaly Moreno
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In fall of 2018, high school students from all over Arkansas shared their dance, cheer, band and football hype videos with AETN to build excitement for “AETN Sports: High School Football Finals”!

Springdale High School: For the Love of Dance

What is a “hype video,” anyway? A hype video is what gets students’ hearts pumping! It is what inspires them to get excited for their team’s game once they’re on the field.

In order to promote and enhance the cheerful spirit in the high school football final’s audiences, AETN asked each participating school from all categories to send their videos to be used on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and broadcast platforms.

“The awesome thing about having my kids work on hype videos is that we get a great chance to impact the student body.  When we play them at a pep rally for the first time they always get this intense emotional response of, 'Oh yeah, that's what it means to be a Bulldog'. The student body loves them. The other awesome part about hype videos is that we are able to show other people what our school culture is, and that is a big deal. Are they hard to film? Absolutely, especially when the majority of footage is from activities that happen after school. But my kiddos know that is part of their job. Sometimes creating a project, telling a story isn't easy ... but you do it to create an impact, to tell a story.”
-Rachelle Nichols, Bulldog TV Program of Study Teacher

AETN has supported student emerging filmmakers across the state for many years by showcasing their content through AETN’s “Student Selects: A Young Filmmakers Showcase.”  “AETN Sports” is yet another way that we highlight the great work of Arkansas’ young media makers.

“We are thankful to have partners in our state like AETN that give a platform for our students to showcase their talents. Video productions is a skill our students learn that capture and showcase the spirit of the school and the community.”
-Trent Jones, Director of Media, Springdale Schools Communications Department

Springdale District TV: Touchdown Angel

AETN wants to highlight and thank all the following schools for their dedication and willingness to share the content they created and for bringing the hype to our football finals!

  • Bearden High School
  • Bentonville High School
  • Bryant High School
  • Clinton High School
  • Conway High School
  • Fayetteville High School
  • Fountain Lake Middle School Digital Prep Academy
  • Greenwood High School
  • Har-Ber High School
  • Mena High School
  • Nashville High School
  • North Little Rock High School
  • Springdale District T.V.
  • Springdale High School
  • Without the help of all these schools and their production teams, AETN would not have reached out to audiences as we did and represent all schools, teams and categories!

    North Little Rock High School Cheer Squad

    Interns in the AETN production department have been working hard on adding graphics for these videos to be posted on social media and broadcast. They have also worked on compiling the best bits of each student made piece and put together a video that highlights each of those exciting moments.

    “We’re impressed with how well they look and sound; and the editing just gets me hyped up a little myself. They are great videos to get you pumped up for each team and you can really feel the energy they give off. Chase Burnham, Nathaly Moreno and I all did a little editing on each of these pieces, preparing them to be uploaded for social media and on the AETN website. We made graphics for each video and tagged them on the beginning (when possible) to represent the school, and then on the end to represent ‘AETN Sports.’ We also changed some of the music so that there wouldn’t be any copyright issues. Lastly, we put together a compilation video, representing all the schools that sent us stuff into one music video. Working with these student pieces has been a great experience for me, and because music videos are my favorite thing to edit, the compilation video was a lot of fun.”
    - Ryan Bates, UCA student/AETN intern

    “Being able to see all the student made videos was a great experience! Young filmmakers who, like me, started pursuing video creation in high school and will move on to do great things later on is inspiring. You could really feel the hype and the passion this schools have for their teams and their school pride in all the videos submitted.”
    - Nathaly Moreno, UCA student/AETN intern

    Conway High School Crunk Crew

    If you are a student or know of a student or school that would like to contribute video to upcoming broadcasts of “AETN Sports,” please contact us at

    If you’ve missed any of our media posts from each high school team, here we have a compilation video highlighting each.


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