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Help Kids Self-Regulate With “Sesame Street: Breathe, Think, Do” App

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Looking for a way to help your kiddos develop their self-regulating and coping skills? Children can laugh and learn as they help a monster friend calm down and solve everyday challenges in the free “Breathe, Think, Do” app from “Sesame Street.”


Designed for preschoolers ages 2-4, this educational resources helps kids learn skills like problem solving, self-control, planning and task persistence (aka the ability to stick with something in spite of distraction, physical or emotional discomfort or lack of immediate success).


It’s been developed specially as part of the “Sesame Street: Little Children, Big Challenges” tool kit, which helps young children build the skills they need to become resilient. So, how does “Breathe, Think, Do” accomplish that mission?


The bilingual app (available in English and Spanish) is research-based and helps your child learn Sesame’s “Breathe, Think, Do” problem-solving strategy. There are five interactive activities built around everyday challenges, like putting on shoes, saying goodbye at daycare and dealing with being scared of the dark. Each activity features a little blue monster who kids help take deep breaths, think of plans and test solutions. 

The focus is on using self-soothing and planning methods to to solve problems and feel better. While the activities are fairly simple, they’re still fun to repeat (and reinforce great lessons) as kids tap and touch to help their monster friend breathe, think and do - and come up with great solutions to different types of problems.


The first part of the process involves calming down with deliberate deep breathing. Whenever the blue monster encounters a problem and begins to be overcome by his feelings in a clip, kids will help by tapping his belly to help him breathe deeply and calm down.


Next, when the monster is calm, children tap thought bubbles, which inspires three possible strategies to solve the problem.


Kids then get to choose the solution the monster will try, and then see him do it in a new animated video clip.

What will kids love about the app? The silly animations and playful interactions are pretty hard to beat. As always with “Sesame Street,” the activities are colorful and really engaging! And, of course, they’ll see and engage with familiar “Sesame Street” characters and have fun as they actively help the blue monster deal with problems. Mando, who’s been a part of the Sesame crowd since 2013, narrates the activities.

What we’re thrilled about with this app is that it exposes kids to important emotional vocabulary and teaches a calm breathing technique. We also love that kids are empowered to choose how the monster deals with each situation. They’re handy little strategies that kids can add to their personal toolboxes for dealing with similar situations! Another fun feature is that, if you’re using a device with a built-in microphone, you can personalize encouraging phrases that your kids will hear as they help the monster think of a plan.   


For grown-ups, a nice bonus is the chock-full-of-info Parents Section. Don’t miss its outstanding resources for navigating everyday challenges with your young kiddos. Featured topics include strategies for persistence, coping with separation, practicing patience, managing sibling rivalry, adjusting to a move and more. We love that every detail discussed in tips and strategies of the parents section is backed by research. Also, talking with grownups is reinforced within the activities - most plans include the option of going to an adult for help so kids will learn to try and solve their own problems, but still know that they can go to parents or teachers for help! 

“Sesame Street: Breathe, Think, Do” is available for free both in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. Check it out and download today!


“Breathe, Think, Do” for Apple Devices
“Breathe, Think, Do” for Android Devices

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