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Hello all. Nice to meet you.

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Hello all, and welcome to Arkansas PBS Engage! This is where we hope you'll come to find out about the latest Arkansas PBS projects, productions and happenings, as well as share your ideas, concerns, frustrations and elations. That's right: Arkansas PBS Engage gives you a voice in your public media experience, and yes, we definitely want to hear from you.

And in a conversation isn't it nice to know who you're talking to?

I'm Tiffany Verkler, Promotions Supervisor here at Arkansas PBS. I've been writing press releases, networking with the media, brainstorming marketing plans, event planning, etc. for the network since 2004. Believe me, I never realized how exciting public broadcasting could be (no, seriously -- it's a lot of fun!) or how much people use it in their daily lives or how much we as Arkansans and Americans could benefit from it. There are plenty of stories to share.

While we do lots of amazing things here, one of my favorites to date is the CPB My Source initiative, which lets viewers like you tell us why you value public media. I've had the opportunity to interview some very interesting people, including author Charlaine Harris whose Southern Vampire novels have become a serious addiction for me! Yes, you'll be reading more about My Source in the future.

Another major undertaking for 2009 is the Arkansas PBS State & National Parks Initiative, and we'll be talking about it throughout this summer and fall. We've got activities planned for adults, kids, families, outdoorsmen (and women), hobbyists -- everyone!

I'm the person responsible for making sure the public knows about our latest endeavors, so if you're reading my posts, you should learn about all the goings-on just as soon as I do!

Stay tuned for updates, and if you have any questions, please share. Somebody else out there might be wondering the very same thing.