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Halfway There! The 100-Day New Member Challenge

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We’re nearly halfway through the Susan Howarth Foundation’s 100-Day New Member Challenge, and we’re also almost halfway to our goal of gaining 3,000 new members in 100 days! Why does that matter? If we meet the challenge, we’ll receive $20,000 for programming expenses!

Won’t you help us reach our goal? When you show your love for Arkansas PBS and become a champion for public media in The Natural State, you’re showing others that the work and programming Arkansas PBS does and shares matters. It’s an invaluable gift to our state!

Supporting Arkansas PBS has ripple effects across The Natural State, helping to support local and national programs, classroom initiatives, education projects and so much more. Your gift can also have some great perks for you! In addition to helping support the programs that you already love, you can choose an Arkansas PBS Passport membership at $5 or more per month or a one-time donation of $60 or more per year, and you'll get extended on-demand access to a rich library of public television programming.From Arkansas PBS originals to special extended (or even early!) access to PBS favorites, Arkansas PBS Passport is your link to special online, mobile and streaming TV viewing. This month, Arkansas PBS Passport features special access to all of “Masterpiece PBS: Beecham House,” early access to new “Call the Midwife” episodes every Friday and a highlight reel of recently aired favorites, including access to the full season of “World on Fire.”

Help us take a step towards meeting our goal now! Become a member now through June 7 at

Susan Howarth, who created the Susan Howarth Foundation, was  the executive director of Arkansas PBS from 1989-1999. Read more about her service to Arkansas and PBS here.


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