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“Good Roots” — Coming to Arkansas PBS April 16

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For generations, Arkansans have thrived in rural communities, prospering through agriculture and developing deep traditions. In our new, monthly segment “Good Roots,” come with us to explore rural community life, agribusiness and more — and see how modern advances are evolving these experiences — starting April 16 during “Arkansas Week.” You’ll also be able to livestream at


Then, beginning in May, you can mark your calendar to see our new “Good Roots” segments air on the second Friday of each month!


Arkansas Farm Bureau is known across The Natural State for supporting rural communities and public policies — like healthcare, agriculture and access to services — and we’re proud to share that they’re now partnering with us on community programming and other local projects!


This partnership perfectly aligns two trusted Arkansas organizations with a mission to serve Arkansans everywhere through education initiatives, health awareness and supporting agricultural and rural community life.  


“As Arkansans, we all have a proud, emotional tie to this unique place we call home,” Arkansas PBS CEO Courtney Pledger said. “‘Good Roots’ will shine a light on the agricultural backbone of the state and share the essential stories, experiences and news of our rural communities. “Our partnership with Arkansas Farm Bureau is one for the good of community. It will allow us to focus on and dig deeper into the real stories of rural life, celebrate our communities and provide rich educational content.” 


“Arkansas Farm Bureau is dedicated to sharing the critical role agriculture plays in our lives and economy,” Arkansas Farm Bureau Board President Rich Hillman said. “Arkansas is built on the foundation of farming, and that story is much more complicated than what is often portrayed. We hope this partnership with Arkansas PBS will help us fulfill our mission of telling the deeper stories of what it’s like to live, grow and succeed in our great state.” 


Segments and bonus footage of “Good Roots” and our future content will also be featured on all Arkansas PBS digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, the Engage Arkansas PBS app and the PBS Video app. A blog series will accompany the segments right here at


“We’re excited and grateful for this new partnership with such a respected organization in Arkansas to further expand our education projects and community health initiatives and to support the already great programs Arkansas Farm Bureau has initiated across the state,” Arkansas PBS Chief Content Officer Greg Gerik said. 


“Together with Arkansas PBS, we will help people throughout the state develop an even greater appreciation for rural life, in turn promoting more community good, educational opportunities and programs,” Arkansas Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Warren Carter said. 


Major funding for “Good Roots” is provided by Arkansas Farm Bureau.




Friday, April 16, 2021


“Good Roots” on Arkansas PBS — watch during “Arkansas Week”