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"GobbledyBook" – How to Make a Conversation Jar

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This week’s episode of “GobbledyBook” featured the book “Let The Children March.” The story revolves around thousands of African American children who volunteer to march for their civil rights after hearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak. From that story, we learned how children can use their voices to change the world.

Encourage your family to use their voices with this fun conversation jar. Download the PDF here, and follow the directions below to make your own.


• Jar (with lid)

• Cotton balls

• Ribbon

• Paper

• Markers

• Scissors (have an adult help with the cutting)

• Cloth

• Glue

• Tape

Image description


• Print off the activity sheet on letter size paper.

• Think of your own questions you’d like to ask and fill in the blank boxes with them.

• Cut out all of the questions and place them in a jar.

• Use the supplies to decorate the jar however you’d like.

• During family time, ask the children to draw slips of paper from the jar. Have the whole family participate to make it even more fun!

In case you missed this week’s episode of “GobbledyBook,” watch it now on AETN’s Facebook page, and be sure to join us next Thursday at 10:30 a.m. for our next episode!