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Get Ready for Trades, College and Careers at Transition Expo

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On November 14, 2017, AETN will be proud to take part in the Transition Expo happening at the Fort Smith Convention Center. I’m Suzanne Jones, AETN education and instruction manager, and I’m looking forward to representing the station’s education department at this event that brings together high school students, adult learners, employers, and training providers to equip participants with educational resources that help them to accomplish their career goals.

You may love AETN for all of the wonderful PBS Kids shows and learning experiences provided for children. We also have quite a following from the older generation, who enjoy the music and nature shows.  But what about those middle years — the time between “Clifford the Big Red Dog” and “The Lawrence Welk Show”?  AETN is actively supporting education and learning during those years, as well. Our work with schools around the state to support grade level reading and teacher professional development are unique and leading the nation in their design.

Participation in the Transition Expo is just one example of the many ways AETN is reaching out and impacting the lives of Arkansans. For many students, the time after high school is a mystery. As your life changes and the school routines dissolve, it can be scary to imagine what you will do next. Do you go to college? Or maybe the military is of interest? What about a training program or internship? What skills are needed? What if you have already gone that route and are now looking for something different, something more?

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The Transition Expo is a free event that helps bring together the programs, partners, products and services that can help with the “what’s next” in life.  The daytime program is tailored to the needs of students from high schools, colleges and career education programs, while the evening program will focus on the needs of veterans, job seekers and adult learners.

Whatever transition you find yourself in at the moment, if you need assistance connecting with those companies and organizations that have a passion for supporting success and growth, come to the Transition Expo on Nov. 14.  Alongside many other exhibitors and sponsors, AETN will be there to help you realize your next opportunity.


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