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Fresh “Bob the Builder” Look Premieres Nov. 16

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Can we build it? Yes, we can! On Sunday, Nov. 16, “Bob the Builder” is building on its strong STEM and social foundations to launch a brand new look! 


Packed with humor and fun, the updated series introduces new characters, locations and charming stories while maintaining Bob’s can-do attitude and warm tone. From the top of his yellow hard hat to the toes of his chunky work boots, Bob the Builder is still ready to go! No project is too big or too small — from a leaky roof to installing an elevator in a skyscraper. Bob and his team have the knowledge and know-how to finish the task. He and his crew are still the caring friends any preschooler would want as playmates.

Designed to foster social-emotional growth and introduce age-appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts, the updated series features a slightly remixed team, including long-time favorite characters and a few new friends. Still based out of the town of Fixham, the series now expands work into the nearby, vibrant and modern Spring City. The series has also updated from claymation to computer-generated graphics.

Through animated stories, sing-along music videos, and short, live-action segments that comprise “Bob the Builder,” kids will discover that problem solving is about trying one’s best and if it doesn’t work the first time – try again. Friendship and teamwork are at the center of getting the job done!  

Meet the crew:


Wendy, Bob’s smart and witty business partner, is back and voiced by Joanne Froggart (who “Downton Abbey” fans will know as Anna Bates). Her specialty is electronics, but she handles all kinds of jobs and often helps keep the team organized and on schedule.


Leo is Bob’s young apprentice who is eager to learn. He’s energetic and sincere, but his overly-enthusiastic nature can sometimes cause him to get a little distracted, which inevitably leads to chaos! But when he learns to slow down and concentrate, Leo shows everyone his potential to become a great builder.


The machine crew, much like the kids who enjoy watching the show, are sometimes good-natured and silly and sometimes competitive and mischievous. They’re all ready to leap into action, eager to help with the build … and often guilty of making things hopelessly and comically worse. Not to worry, though! They always learn from their mistakes and work together as a team to fix whatever mess they’ve made. Be sure to look for:

Scoop, an enthusiastic digger with big ideas, is Bob's best friend and the unofficial team leader of the Machines. He is a bright yellow digger with a sunny and overly-enthusiastic attitude to match! He is keen to be the best at everything and full of ideas, however his schemes often cause confusion for Bob and the team. But with a little help, Scoop can always find a way to dig himself out.

Muck, a good-natured, sweet dumper, wants to make everyone happy. He might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but he’s enthusiastic about everything–especially building! True to his name, Muck loves to get mucky, so whether he’s digging or dumping, if there’s mud around, Muck will be there!

Lofty,  a scientific-minded, over-thinking crane, has a vivid imagination. He tends to question some of the team’s more extravagant ideas, but has a keen eye for building and often finds solutions to problems. 

Roley, a fastidious steam roller, has a bit of an obsessive nature. His determination for perfection can sometimes delay a build, but with Roley’s passion for rolling, Bob knows he will always have a perfectly smooth road.

Dizzy, a finicky but energetic cement mixer, is smart, witty and eager.She can be a bit of a know-it-all, spinning her mouth as fast as her mixer. This sometimes leads to mix-ups, but her energy and enthusiasm cement her as an integral part of the team.

Two-Tonne is a new addition to the machine crew and a powerful truck who can pull anything. The big, powerful cab unit likes to get things just right. A very adaptable heavy goods vehicle, he can haul hefty materials and equipment on many types of trailers. Two-Tonne’s experience is loads of help to Bob and his team.

and Tiny, another new addition to the cast, who is a construction crane and a permanent fixture on Bob’s big builds in the city. Despite his name, Tiny is a tall tower crane who stands high above Spring City and can lift even the bulkiest of building materials into place using his "Tower Power." He is a gentle giant, always concerned about the rest of the team, and on the look out to make sure he doesn't place a load on top of them! 


New to “Bob the Builder”  cast of characters are: 

Maria Madison, the slightly frenzied but visionary mayor. Smart and dynamic, she is constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas to improve her city. Always in a hurry, Mayor Madison wants every building project done by yesterday!

Mr. Bently, is Mayor Madison right-hand man and (sometimes bumbling) assistant. He is keen to make sure everything is just right for the Mayor, but can fumble about trying to keep up with her, causing him to worry excessively. He has a penchant for the dramatic and can't resist any opportunity to perform.

Curtis, Leo’s dad and owner of the local service station. A reliable mechanic, he will often check on Bob’s vehicles or lend a helping hand in any emergency. With his wry sense of humor, Curtis ensures that Fixham and Spring City run smoothly.

Chef Tattie is a local celebrity whose energy and eccentricity spice up everything that he touches. He owns a restaurant in Fixham and a café in Spring City. Chef always has plenty of work for Team Bob and loves to share his cooking creations with the team whenever he gets the chance.

The Rockets, a fun-loving and enthusiastic kids sports team.


"Bob the Builder," Sundays at 7 a.m. 



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