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“Frankie Drake Mysteries” — AETN Passport Exclusive

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New arrival to AETN Passport starting Monday, Aug. 20, historical whodunit “Frankie Drake Mysteries” is set in 1920s Toronto and follows the fleet-footed adventures of Frankie Drake as she forms the city’s first female detective agency.


Frankie Drake Evening Out

The Show

Against a backdrop of social change, radical politics and jazz music, this mystery series features the capers of adventurous and astute Frankie Drake. Played by Lauren Lee Smith, Drake defies expectations as she takes on the cases the police don’t want or can’t handle. As she moves through both the real events of 1920s Toronto and the world of mystery and suspense conjured by show creators Carol Hay and Michelle Ricci (of “Murdoch Mysteries”), Frankie Drake finds her gender is her biggest advantage. Who would ever expect that women could be detectives?

Trudy and Frankie

Why We Love It

Women’s Shifting Roles

In a time of change and hopefulness, Frankie is a woman ahead of everyone, and Drake Private Detectives showcases it. Together with her partner Trudy, the Drake detectives demonstrate that — even when perpetually underestimated — they have more grit, boldness and resourcefulness than the typical men in blue.

Another great boon? “Frankie Drake Mysteries” carries its theme into the real world — seven of the 11 Season 1 episodes’ scripts boast female writers and most episodes are also directed by women. (Of course all four leads — Frankie Drake, Trudy Clarke, Morality Officer Mary Shaw and Morgue Attendant Flo — are female as well.)

Trudy Clarke


Brought to life by Chantel Riley (who you may recognize from her long run as Nala in Broadway’s “Lion King”), Trudy Clarke is far from the cliched sidekick. The first-born daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Trudy brings her own past, strength and intelligence to the front. More than mere partners, Trudy and Frankie share a special kinship and are loyal to — and willing to fight for — each other.

Laurence Fox as Greg Miller

Mystery Connections

Originating from the same production company as “Murdoch Mysteries,” this series is set roughly 15 years apart from our Saturday Night Crime Time favorite but allows for the potential of an occasional crossover.

Don’t miss a special nod to the connection when Laurence Fox guest stars in the first episode!

How You Can Watch

As part of a special member benefit, “Frankie Drake Mysteries” is available exclusively through AETN Passport. After premiering Monday, Aug. 20, 2018, new episodes will release weekly every Monday through Oct. 27.

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