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Exploring Arkansas Family Outing Winners

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Can't wait to meet the winners of our first "Exploring Arkansas" Family Outing who are Lana and Ed McClain of Sherwood. They and their two granddaughters will be joining our film crew on Saturday, June 23, for an adventure outing at Fort Rock Family Camp, which is located just south of Brashears in the Ozark National Forest.

Fort Rock is an 1800s-style fort and Old West town that offers family camping, horseback riding, archery, Winchester-type rifle shooting range, buggy rides, and – most important of all – home-cooked meals, which are served in a diner that seats up to 300 folks. Oh, and I forgot one more thing – one of Arkansas' longest zip lines at 1,050 feet, for those of you who get your kicks out of flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

We'll be shooting as many activities as we can not only with the McClains that Saturday, but also with other families who'll be there, as well, all for an upcoming episode of EA.

So, I'll have to be sure and break out my favorite 10-gallon John Wayne hat…(why do they call those gallon hats anyway…) my lizard skin boots...ha! And my custom holster with the six-shooter...and then with that long drawn out drawl, bellow out – "…well..whataya say pilgrim…," give a nod and brush of the hat, and ride off into the sunset…….yippie-ye-yaaa-ohh….happy trails to you..until  we meet again…

( I wonder if ol' Festus is going to show up…)

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