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Explore Banana’s Cabana – “Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 3”

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Welcome to Banana’s Cabana! 
In “Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 3,” you’re going to meet  a whole slew of new characters and locales as the world of Camp Onomatopoeia grows. One of the bigger introductions of the season is our new set of Banana’s Cabana. Come with us to explore it now! 

The Origin of the Cabana 
Like so many facets of Camp Onomatopoeia, the Cabana came to be through play. As our writers, directors and performers put together the episodes of each season of “Blueberry’s Clubhouse,” we enjoy telling jokes and making up new characters. These jokes and characters get stored away in the backs of our minds until it comes time to write the next season. 
So, when “Season 3” came about, we knew we wanted to widen our world, and we put our minds to creating a rich backstory for the Banana’s Cabana – which simply started as a silly phrase that made us laugh during long days on set. 
The History of the Cabana 
Through a monologue in “Episode 4,”  we find out that Banana’s Cabana is one of the original buildings at Camp Onomatopoeia. While it serves as a broken-down storage shed now, the Cabana was founded by Bartholomew Banana as a vibrant and exciting snack stand! Long-time camper, Max, falls in love with the Cabana and its history at camp and, as the season progresses, the forgotten snack stand becomes very important to Max’s story. 
The Creation of the Cabana 

Arkansas PBS is very fortunate to partner with the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts (AMFA) in the creation of “Blueberry’s Clubhouse.” Part of that partnership means taking all the wacky ideas (like a puppet in a bi-plane or a rundown Banana Shack) and making them real! 
No one is better at making the ridiculous real than the museum’s resident construction foreman, Frank Mott! Frank has worked with folks from AMFA and Arkansas PBS to design and build every set from “Blueberry’s Clubhouse,” and Banana’s Cabana is no different. 
What is different about the construction of the Cabana is that it is the first camp location that we see from the outside. Frank did a great job creating a façade that looks like a house – but with wacky angles and fun colors – all topped off with a big sliding barn door that reveals the interior of the snack stand. 
The Cabana’s Resident Puppet 
No new location at Camp Onomatopoeia would be complete without a puppet. Enter Melba the duck. Blueberry is a high-strung protagonist with a whole lot of feelings and a whole lot of friends who are eager to share their advice and opinions. But, sometimes, kids like Blueberry just need someone to listen to them. That is what Melba is best at – especially because she doesn’t know how to talk back. Melba is always there to offer feathered friendship with no judgement, which is sometimes all that Blueberry or other campers need. 






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