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Enter the Create Cooking Challenge!

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Have you ever watched the great cooking programs on AETN-2’s Create TV and thought, “I could do that!”? Now you have your chance! 

The Create Cooking Challenge invites our viewers to submit a video of two minutes or less to demonstrate their culinary expertise. Anyone — from home cooks to professional chefs — who is over 18 can enter for the chance to win the grand prize, funding to produce a 10-episode series for!

Your video entry is a great way to share your culinary ability, knowledge and expertise in capsule form! You can feature your favorite culinary tip, recipe project or idea, and we can’t wait to see what our Arkansas chefs come up with! Finalists in the national contest — which is accepting submissions from Feb. 8-29 — will be judged by an outstanding panel of familiar experts, including Jacques Pépin, Cook’s Magazine founder and “America’s Test Kitchen” host Chris Kimball and Pati Jinich, host of “Pati’s Mexican Table”! 


How Does the Contest Work?

The Create Cooking Challenge is open to home and professional chefs aged 18 or older who are residents of the United States or District of Columbia.

You should make a video that’s a maximum of two minutes long and that demonstrates your potential as a cooking star for future content on Create or other public television producers! You can chose from several ideas — like a food preparation tip, advice, a simple recipe or preparation technique — and demonstrate it in a kitchen setting or alternate venue. At the grill, countertop, stove, outside, at a food market - it’s up to you!

Videos must:
  • Be your original work (the script, manner of presentation and title - if one is presented).
  • Be a maximum of two minutes in length.
After you have a video you’re happy with, upload it to YouTube. (You’ll need to signed in to YouTube to post the video; if you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one.) The video must be classified as a “public” or “unlisted” video; do not make it “private” or judges will be unable to view it.

Videos must:
  • Be uploaded to YouTube in a format that’s acceptable to YouTube.
  • Comply with YouTube Terms of Service, including Community Guidelines.
Once your video is live on YouTube, copy the link and fill out the Create TV Cooking Challenge entry form at Look for the bounceback notification confirming your entry, and be sure to keep an eye on your email afterwards!


When Can You Enter?

You can submit your Create Cooking Challenge video from Feb., 8, 2016 through 11 p.m. CTD on Feb. 29, 2016.

Submit your entry at, and read the full submission rules/agreements here.

How are winning entries selected?

Videos will be reviewed as they’re submitted and curated for initial review by a panel of Create TV preliminary judges.

In the preliminary round, videos will be judged based on:
  • 30%: Demonstrated knowledge, skills and familiarity in working with food, subject matter and understanding of the idea/subject.
  • 30%: Ability to present all ideas clearly within the allotted time, enunciating well and using correct pronunciation
  • 20%: Telegenic appeal — appearance and how well you engage with the audience: looks at camera, smiles, dresses appropriately, demonstrates comfort and organization in front of the camera in staging and presentation.
  • 15%: Use of the camera frame and setting the stage — you ensure that subject of clip is clear and visually available to your viewers and matches what you are saying.
  • 5%: Unique idea, recipe or tip, and manner of presentation (use of additional visuals to support the quality of your message).
After reviewing the entries, the preliminary judges will select 20-40 video finalists to be judged by a panel of industry experts!


The final judges — Jacques Pépin, “America’s Test Kitchen” host Chris Kimball, Pati Jinich of “Pati’s Mexican Table,” “Taste the Islands” host Chef Irie, Sara Moulton of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” and American Public Television President and CEO Cynthia A. Fenneman — will then choose a single Grand Prize Winner and other prize winners based on the following criteria:
  • 40%: Demonstarted knowledge
  • 30%: Presentation ability
  • 20%: Telegenic appeal
  • 10%: Unique idea, content and presentation

What Can You Win?

There will be five levels of prizes awarded to the top 18 entries:

  • One $1,000 Grand Prize to finance a web series of 10 more episodes, each two minutes in length, to appear on
  • One $250 Second Prize to create a short web series of three more episodes, each two minutes in length, to appear on
  • Five selected entrants will receive Create-branded goods in a winner’s basket, each valued at $150.
  • One selected entrant will receive a signed cookbook from one of Create’s culinary hosts and a Create-branded, host-signed apron, with a total value of $100.
  • Ten selected entrants will receive their own Create-branded aprons with a value of $25 each.

So, what will you be cooking up for your contest entry? We can’t wait to see what you create!



Create Cooking Challenge


(Open Feb. 8-29)

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