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Educating Youth on Veterans Day - Educator Resources

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With Veterans Day just around the corner, AETN believes in the importance of educating our youth about this holiday's importance. We have gathered materials from PBS education platforms to aid educators across Arkansas in teaching students about the history, significance, and relevance of Veterans' Day to age groups ranging from middle school to high school.


Veterans Day Resources

Materials include videos from veterans narrating their experiences in the war and others pieces on military families sharing how their family members' service affects their lives. There is also a worksheet to actively engage students in learning.

Veterans Coming Home on AETN

Educators can also delve into Arkansas veterans' stories through "Veterans Coming Home: Finding What Works." This digital content and engagement initiative focuses on successful examples of veterans “finding what works” to overcome personal challenges in transitioning from active duty to civilian life. Featured Arkansas veterans and their connected support organizations include:

  • Iraq War veteran Anthony Smith in "Ain't Dead Yet" - documenting his recovery through teaching martial arts and training for the 2020 U.S. Paralympic team.
  • Iraq War veteran Terrell "Spence" Spencer in "Sowing Salvation" - exploring how building Across the Creek Farm helped him transition into civilian life.
  • Iraq War veteran Amanda Hugo in "Veteran's Best Friend" - documenting how her partnership with a service dog offers challenges and solutions to daunting physical and emotional hardships.
  • Arkansas National Guard Capt.Cibelés Ramirez Rodriguez in "Compasión" - which delves into how she navigated divorce and single parenthood through finding purpose in motherhood, helping others and passing on the value of compassion to her 12-year-old son.

    PBS Learning Media: Military Family Experiences
    (Recommended for High School)

    PBS LearningMedia - "All About the Holidays: Veterans Day"
    (Recommended for K-4)

    "PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs: Military Families"

    "PBS NewsHour Extra: Military Children" Educator Resource Guide

    "PBS NewsHour Extra: Military Children" Student Worksheet