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"Downton Abbey" Season Finale Party Planning

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Downton Abbey Infographic 

Can we just say it's been a big year on "Downton Abbey"? As seasoned "Masterpiece Theater" lovers as we are, we thought we were prepared for dramatics and plot twists. We'd seen schemers. We know lovers, love triangles, and even cranky matriacrchs. But this, this season has caught us off-guard - and mostly in a good way, we'll admit. Julian Fellowes is a master. And we believe this season deserves a celebration, so we've put together a watch party planning guide!

"Downton Abbey" Bingo from Paste Magazine   "Downton Abbey" Paper Dolls from The Vulture 

First of all, what's a party without games (or at least a little extra fun)? Get the ball rolling with a cutthroat game of "Downton Abbey" Bingo. For prizes, we vote for these hilarious "Downton Abbey" Paper Dolls from Season 1.

"America's Test Kitchen" 1920s-inspired menu"The Bittersweet Mister Bates" Cocktail from Apartment Therapy 

Of course, there's the all important factor of the dinner. Whip up something Daisy and Mrs. Patmore would be proud of with these 1920s recipes from Chris Kimball of "America's Test Kitchen." And, if you're feeling that you'll need a little extra help to get through what we anticipate will be high drama … or just in case someone says e-c-l-a-m-p-s-i-a, give these "Downton Abbey" cocktails a once-over.

"Haters Gonna Hate" Shirt from ShopPBS"Kissing Cousins" Shirt from ShopPBS


And, of course, how could you enjoy dinner without being appropriately dressed? Assure the Dowager that your suitcase has, as a matter of fact, arrived intact with hilarious tees from ShopPBS - or invent your own!

"Do Not Disturb" "Downton Abbey" Doorhanger from The Pixel Gallery 

And last, but not least, don't let anything spoil the moment tonight. Print out this "Downton Abbey: Do Not Disturb" door hanger to ensure you're not interrupted!



"Downton Abbey: Season 3 Finale," Sunday, February 17, 9 p.m.