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Do Your Part this month….I do it for them.

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Do Your Part?  By now you may have seen some on-air spots, website information or Facebook postings from us asking you to "Do Your Part" with a $34 gift to the AETN Foundation.  It's an odd dollar amount that we don't regularly use.  But, it’s the actual amount of money that it costs to purchase and broadcast the programming that we all see when we turn AETN on in our homes -- whether you watch the main channel, the Create or AETN Plus.  

We all have different "favorite" programs on AETN.  My personal favorites are Frontline, the local programs about the culture and heritage of Arkansas, Independent Lens, Masterpiece and Antiques Roadshow.  But, that's not the main reason that I do my part.  My main reason is Karley, Jackson and Lucas, my niece and nephews.  They're 7, 5 and almost 2.  I've watched Karley and Jackson grow up with PBS Kids programming because their aunt worked on Sesame Street.  Well, our office IS on Sesame Street, right here in Conway, Ar.  Lucas is a little early to really "get" the bulk of the PBS Kids programs, but I know he will just like Karley and Jackson get it.  We say all the time how beneficial our kids programs are and we have the research to prove it.  But, the proof is in the pudding!  If you've got little people in your life and they are PBS Kids fans, you know how beneficial and, how truly, educational it is to the next generation.  

Don't get me wrong, I like my favorite programs and I'm happy to help make sure they are always on AETN.  But, I know the reason that I do my part.  I hope that you'll consider why AETN is important to you and make your commitment of $34 to Do Your Part!