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Dirt rocks. A shout out to Earth Day.

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Blahblah….Earth Day….This morning a co-worker said to me "This is the only place I have ever worked where we celebrate Earth Day."  I laughed as I showed him my shirt (my attempt to represent the vegetarian peeps of the world today) 'Eat More Greens' with Bambi smiling a sweet little don't eat me grin.  Dang, that deer has some long lashes.  And then, silently in my head, thought I would rather celebrate the Earth and all it gives me than a made-up holiday where we are forced to show the one we love how much we love them on a designated day of the year.  Huh?  I dont get it.  Show me the love. Every day.  The planet deserves it. 

Be Cute. Don't Pollute.  My kids get it….the same ones who can't quite tie their own shoes and don't always hear so well when being asked to pick up toys…. do pick up the abandoned water bottles and cans to haul home (sticky as they may be) to toss in the recycle can.  And these are the kids who chastised me for throwing away a glass jar the other day - "Mommy, we can reuse that to put bugs in."  Sweeeeeeet, bugs.  To go with the snails.  And the fish (we are on our fourth but shhh nobody needs to know) and whatever other creepy critter that Spring is bringing us.  These are also the kids who can't quite make the 3-pointer into the clothes hamper - but no worries.  I would rather them know and love the three R's thanks to Jack Johnson….reduce, reuse, recycle…..than hit the hamper each time.  PBS Kids has got some rockin' green stuff for kids you can check out.   

AETN and PBS have a great line-up of Earth-focused shows this week, check it out if you can take a break from all the green stuff in your life….Check our schedule to view show times and watch video online.  Some examples of upcoming shows are below:

"Earth Days" traces the history of the modern environmental movement from the 1950s.  April 25, 12 p.m.

"Food Inc."  investigates food as it relates to animals, environmental degradation and health issues.  April 26, 2 a.m. (re-air).

"DIRT! The Movie" travels around the world delving into the fascinating history of this lowly substance and shows how its mistreatment can result in natural disasters.  Jamie Lee Curtis narrates.  April 25, 11 p.m.

You might also consider becoming a Green Member of AETN support our programs, go paperless, and your thank you gifts are environmentally friendly and quite useful.  Your monthly email will include some innovative green tips and articles, very nice…..

Internally, AETN is taking some major steps to conserve energy, revamp our recycling program and more as part of the Governor's Executive Order to conserve energy and reduce environmental impact that state agencies have.